For some years now, I have attended lessons 'model drawing' at the academy of Sint-Niklaas. The academy is a place where both teachers and students in harmony try to develop their talents. Annually, those results, generally in the 'square room' but also during the 'open-door days' at the end of the academic year, are thus exposed.

The passion for the art of drawing has always been there. Nevertheless, it has lasted to the age of 35 to finally start taking lessons. In the workshop of Guy Van Assche (SASK), I have moved for four years my creative and artistic borders. Since September 2006 I started following the classes of Benny Luyckx: the final years of the art of drawing. This year would be my last but I decided to allow myself a break. As from September 2007 I have been also registered with Robby Van Goethem where I took the first steps in the painter art, that is oil on canvas. In the meantime, I make myself useful in my own workshop at home.

Models are always welcome.

‘It is beautiful and it feels good to practice and try, without the means of obtaining a goal, nevertheless to be able to create something beautiful. Each work is each time a search to the correct proportion, the correct line, more shade or maybe less, correct drawing of a line. What is important? Imagination, see and reflect or not to reflect exactly, sets the priorities to grow to that piece of art! Sometimes, you get that feeling: the work is not finished and nevertheless, I'm almost there. You will work entirely on feelings where technical knowledge is indeed present but does not dominate, on the contrary. It is in fact finding a balance where the border between success and failure is so fragile. Often you need to start all over again. The purpose is to reflect that individual character in your work. The satisfaction, if it succeeds then, goes beyond words, makes you quiet.‘